• Public skating and Pond Hockey on Arena #2 are cancelled for Sunday, Nov. 17.  Leisure ice surface open regular schedule. 
  • Pool and weight room are closed Sunday, Nov.24 for Campbell River Killer Whales Swim Meet.  
  • Safety & Etiquette

    No helmets on site. We strongly encourage all skaters to bring one from home.

    General Rules and Guidelines

    The following behaviours and activities are not acceptable:

    • Fighting, tripping, horseplay, unsafe games or engaging in conduct likely to cause injury.
    • Spitting, foul language or aggressive behaviour towards staff or other patrons.
    • Hockey sticks, pucks and balls are not permitted during all Everyone Welcome and leisure ice sessions. Pond hockey is permitted at designated times only.
    • During public skates no jumps, spins, or skating backwards or any other figure skating routines are allowed.
    • Gouging or damaging the ice, collecting snow or making snowballs.
    • Sitting or standing on the rink boards, players and penalty boxes are off limits during public skates.
    • Piggy backing or carrying another person. Parents with small children are encouraged to use strollers.
    • Articles in the arena are left at your own risk.

    Save Money!

    Purchase an economy pass (10 visits), a one month, 3 month or 6 month pass for savings on drop-in rates. These are available for all members of your family.