Amenities & Accessibility

Main Pool 

  • 37.5 metres long x 14 metres wide (6 lanes) – the bulkhead is typically kept 25 metre from the deep end wall (40 lengths = 1 km; 64 lengths = 1 mile)
  • Depth varies from 0.75 to 3.2 metre deep
  • Holds 192,212 imperial gallons of water (874,000 litres)
  • Temperature is kept between 80° and 82° Fahrenheit
  • 4 ladders, 2 sets of stairs and 1 accessible chair lift
  • Equipment includes:  lane ropes, diving board, rope swing, volleyball nets and basketball hoops

Leisure Pool 

  • Free form pool shape with an area appropriate for swimming lengths that is 25 metre long
  • Depth varies from 0 to 1.4 metres deep
  • Holds 30,800 imperial gallons of water (140,000 litres)
  • Temperature is kept between 88° and 90° Fahrenheit
  • 2 ladders and 1 chair lift (shared with hot tub)
  • Equipment includes:  spray bar, water columns, bubble pit and geysers


25 metre x 36 inches Aquatube waterslide with a deceleration lane

Dry Sauna

  • Cedar sauna holds a maximum of 8 patrons
  • Approximate temperature is 140°F Fahrenheit

Steam Sauna

  • Tile sauna holds a maximum of 16 patrons
  • Approximate temperature is 120°F Fahrenheit

Accessibility aids

  • A portable lift that can be used in two of the universal change rooms, in the men’s or women’s change rooms and at the hot tub
  • Two aquatic beds to transport from change rooms to leisure pool (zero depth entry)
  • Four aquatic wheelchairs
  • One shower chair
  • A selection of walkers
  • A chair lift allows patrons to safely transfer from wheelchair to pool lift, then comfortably lower into the main pool



Save Money!

Purchase an economy pass (10 visits), a one month, 3 month or 6 month pass for savings on drop-in rates. These are available for all members of your family.